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Neuroscience & the Satir Sand Tray


Experiential Workshops Available:

  • Weekend Workshop
  • Full Day Workshop
  • Half Day Workshop


Learn how to facilitate profound and lasting change for adults & children by using the application of neuroscience, and the Satir model in the sand tray.


Learn more about Neuroscience & the Satir Sand Tray...


  • Transforming depression, anxiety & loss in the sand tray
  • Set up your own workspace for sand tray therapy
  • Learn through photographs/videos of actual sand tray sessions & daily practice in triads
  • Demonstrations daily
  • Facilitate profound and lasting change by using the application of neuroscience, and the Satir model in the sand tray

Parenting from Within

with Robin Beardsley MD.

Experiential Workshops Available:
• Full Day Workshop

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Every relationship has moments of struggle. Why does it feel so difficult to connect or be heard in moments of conflict? And how can we make the most of those moments when we repair the disconnections? This experiential, interactive workshop is for anyone who is in relationship with children. Those attending will explore these questions using the positive psychology of the” Columbus of Family Therapy,” Virginia Satir and Internal Family Systems developed by Richard Schwartz. Participants will learn more about the inner world and resources of children and caregivers in an unpredictable world. We will examine the process of a crisis for everyone involved and explore some tools that caregivers can use to prevent, de-escalate, and restore themselves and relationships when crises occur.

This is an opportunity to add-on to what you already know, to acknowledge your strengths, and to experience yourself as more capable with validation of You and all that you give to the children in relationship with you.